Keys to Success



One of the key ingredients to success is having a vision. A part of AMP’s vision is to positively impact each athlete, team, and coach we work with. Our first step will be to help you formulate your own vision and identify the necessary goals or steps to achieve it.


As a coach it is crucial to be able to communicate expectations and adjustments, clearly provide feedback, and motivate your team in a few short words. AMP strives to not only help our clients become efficient communicators but to also maintain an ongoing dialogue to continue to help them evolve and adjust their goals as necessary.


Success within a team requires many different pieces to fall together perfectly. For instance, success in the post season won’t happen unless you begin preparing in the preseason. AMP’s organized and methodical approach to success will help you manage the many pieces that play a role in your team or personal performance.


Every team is different, therefore AMP offers a variety of services to best meet the needs of the individual client. Through effective communication, we aim to help you create your own vision, and formulate a strategy to help you reach your goals.



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