Allain Mental Performance LLC was founded by Julia Allain. With a B.A. in psychology from Providence College and a M.A. in sport psychology from McGill University, Julia has always been innately curious about human motivation and performance. In graduate Allain copyschool, she completed a master’s thesis analyzing NCAA division I hockey coaches and their in-game communication, motivation, and management strategies. Furthermore, throughout her program she explored leadership, athlete roles, psychological momentum, and a wide variety of sport specific psychological skills. Since graduate school, Julia has been able to apply this research knowledge in many different roles with experience as a teacher, coach, consultant, and performance vision specialist. Her various opportunities have opened her eyes to the importance of psychological skills for athletes as they continue to develop and prepare for the next level. While most coaches place a great emphasis on physical preparation, these frequently overlooked psychological skills are often the difference maker in pressure situations.


M.A. Sport Psychology, McGill University

Certified Mental Coach, Peak Performance Sports   

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Successful High Performance Ice Hockey Coaches’ Intermission Routines and Situational Factors that Guide Implementation, The Sport Psychologist, In Press

FlexxCOACH Sport Psychology Content Writer:  https://flexxcoach.wordpress.com/author/jallain11/


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