Derek Army – Wheeling Nailers Forward & Captain

As a professional hockey player I have been through the “grind.” The years I have been playing have certainly been taxing on my body. While I have had surgeries and played injured, the biggest challenge I have incurred has been the mental grind. You do not realize the mental and emotional battle until you are involved in the game. There are days you don’t want to play and there are days you are simply wondering what you are doing and why you are doing it. You have to be mentally tough and focused to climb the ranks and continue playing. Of course I love hockey (always have and always will) but even so, there are times that are more difficult than others. I would have to say that my ability to find and use my mental toughness has had the most positive impact on my career. Julia is somebody who helps you through that mental grind. With her knowledge and encouragement, she can help you win that mental battle with yourself. (photo credit: Wheeling Nailers)



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