Jacqui Desrosiers & Alyssa Martino – Providence College Women’s Soccer Alum

“Playing a Division 1 sport is physically demanding, however many high school athletes that dream of playing at the next level do not realize the mental demands collegiate sports put on you as well. Before they know it they are knee deep in 6am practices, road trips, study halls, and strength workouts and struggling to balance it all. We had the privilege of living with Julia three of our four years as college athletes. Her ability to understand the mindsets and mental capacities of athletes and coaches in all practice and game day situations back then was impeccable, even prior to her now, vast education. We could only wish we had her insight, tools, and skills before we began our college athletic careers. We know that athletes who have the opportunity to work with Julia will be better equipped for the myriad of situations they will face as college athletes.”


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