“Hiring Julia as my assistant coach last year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.   Her intuition is remarkable, and her ability to recognize mental obstacles to performance and teach methods to overcome them is uncanny.  Not only did she elevate the confidence and performance of our individual players, she also helped take our team to a whole new level through exploring and enhancing our mental game.” – Lauren Molinaro, Pingry Varsity Soccer Coach and UCONN Soccer Alum
Joakim Flygh, Yale Women’s Hockey Coach (photo credit: Sam Rubin, Yale Sports Publicity)
Jen Stewart
“At Performance 20/20 Julia Allain has introduced mental training to our athletes, in addition to our vision training program.  Julia not only works to improve eye/hand coordination, reaction, anticipation and timing, but helps athletes with visualization, self talk, focusing, concentration and managing stress in competition.  She is a huge asset to our program, as well as a key member of our team in program design and implementation.” – Dr. Jen Stewart, Co-Founder of Performance 20/20
“Julia is an expert at assisting athletes to maximize their mental performance. She has an impeccable work ethic and the ability to reach athletes of all levels in a concise and easy to understand format. Additionally, Julia has the ability to empower athletes with the tools to build their self-confidence, motivation, and resilience in the sport setting by building mutually respectful and trusting relationships with her athletes. In an era where athletes are seeking an edge over their competitors, I would highly recommend Julia to help any athlete seeking to gain an advantage not only on the playing surface but away from it with her delivery in the development of transferable skills across all aspects of life.” – Liam Heelis, Fife Flyers Forward (photo credit: Martin Watterson)
Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 12.29.04 PM
“Playing a Division 1 sport is physically demanding, however many high school athletes that dream of playing at the next level do not realize the mental demands collegiate sports put on you as well. Before they know it they are knee deep in 6am practices, road trips, study halls, and strength workouts and struggling to balance it all. We had the privilege of living with Julia three of our four years as college athletes. Her ability to understand the mindsets and mental capacities of athletes and coaches in all practice and game day situations back then was impeccable, even prior to her now, vast education. We could only wish we had her insight, tools, and skills before we began our college athletic careers. We know that athletes who have the opportunity to work with Julia will be better equipped for the myriad of situations they will face as college athletes.” – Jacqui Desrosiers and Alyssa Martino, Providence College Women’s Soccer Alum

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